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Miconazole nitrate

Chinese name:Miconazole nitrate
Shelf time:20180918
a broad spectrum antifungal agent for skin fungal infection

product details

Product name: miconazole nitrate
CAS no. : 22832-87-7
Molecular formula: C18H14Cl4N20·HNo3
Molecular weight: 479.15
Description: white crystalline powder solution clear, color not deep in standard solution Y7 insoluble in water, soluble in methanol, slightly soluble in ethanol
Related substances:
Single impurity: less than 0.25%
Total impurity: less than 0.5%
Burning residue: less than or equal to 0.1%
Than the curl: 0.1 ° - + 0.1 °
Melting point: 178-184 ℃
Dry weight loss: less than 0.5%
Content: 98.5.0-101.5%
Product specification: comply with BP98/USP30/CP2010 edition
Surveillance: infrared absorption is similar to the standard
Application: a broad spectrum antifungal agent for skin fungal infection.