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succinic anhydride

Chinese name:
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It is the raw material of coating, medicine, synthetic resin and dye

product details

I. name and structure
Chinese name: succinic anhydride
English name: Succinic anhydride
Molecular formula: C4H4O3
Molecular weight: 100.07
Ii. Character
At room temperature, the crystals are white, orthogonal and biconical. Slightly pungent smell. Insoluble in water and ether, soluble in chloroform
Function and purpose
It is the raw material of coating, medicine, synthetic resin and dye. The coating produced by it is resistant to flexural flexibility and water resistance, and is used in medicine to produce vitamin A and sulfonamide. Pesticides can be used to produce fungicides, pesticides, plant growth regulators. Succinic anhydride and its derivatives can be used as olefin polymerization catalyst, crosslinking agent of ester polymer condensation, light stabilizer of high polymer, uv absorber, etc. Succinic anhydride can also produce plasticizers. There are also many USES for defense systems.
Quality standards
The quality of products conforms to our enterprise standard.
Main indicators
This product is white sheet solids.
[dry weight loss] no more than 1.0%
[blazing residue] is less than or equal to 0.1%
Heavy metal is less than or equal to 20 PPM
[related substances]
[content determination] 98.0%~102%
V. packaging
25 kg/bag.