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Anniversary of the company
2018-09-11 17:57:42


On September 17, 2018, we welcome the second anniversary of wuhan zeshan biological medicine technology co., LTD.
Looking back, we are proud of our achievements and looking forward to the future.
We have been adhering to the concept of "line ideal, heart service" and adhering to the attitude of "technology first, customer first".
Build the brand by heart, and win the trust of many customers in two years.
The celebration of the second anniversary of zeshan is a gratitude for the bravery of 2016, for the persistence of 2017 and for the hard work of 2018.

To celebrate the second anniversary of zeshan's birth, a special fruit cake is made to symbolize "faithful heart, waiting unchanging".

Share with colleagues and become memorable moments in your memory.
It also symbolizes that zayama never forgets his original intention and focuses on customer interests.
In the wind and rain, ze shan cheng is waiting for you here forever!

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